If you are reading this post on your computer, tablet or mobile device, chances are that you are fairly tech savvy.  You can probably book your Uber without any hassles and making your eBay purchase is most likely a snap. You’re doubtlessly adept at streaming Netflix, doing your online banking and checking Facebook all at the same time.

You’re connected and, like the vast majority of us, you probably couldn’t imagine “adulting” without technology or the internet.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics[i] the number of internet users in this country is high, with about 87% of all people 15 years and older accessing the internet in the three months preceding a recent survey.  The heaviest users were in the 15-17 year old and 25-34 year old age groups – 98% in each group. 

While the young are voracious internet users, move up the age groups and the story isn’t quite as emphatic. Fewer (92%) of 45-54 year olds used the internet, and that number dropped to 83% for the 55-64 year old group. Only 55% of people 65 years and older were internet users. 

At Advance Community College we think the usage in those older groups is unacceptably low and indicates many in our community are being left behind. Too many people cannot fully participate in modern life because they have, so far, missed out on the basic skills needed to operate a computer and get online.

For those people banking still means standing in soulless queues, whilst applying for jobs without the help of family or friends is near impossible – and forget about online entertainment, that seems too remote and unreachable.

But there is a solution! Through Victorian Government support many Learn Local education organisations (LLOs) are able to offer adults training in basic computer skills, so that they can enjoy the same online world that many now take for granted.

At Advance our Intel® Learn Easy Steps computer course takes people with little or no computer experience and, over the 30 hours, gently guides them towards becoming confident computer users. We focus on the skills needed to effectively access the connected world; starting from the basics like switching the computer on and off safely, through to creating and storing files, surfing the net and sending and receiving emails. We look at word processing for those who may want to write a job application or create and update their resume, and we cover online communication via Skype and social media.

So if someone you know, perhaps a friend or family member, is eager to get online, tell them about Intel® Learn Easy Steps at Advance Community College, and encourage them to have a go. We offer a friendly, informal environment where all participants are made to feel welcome, and it is 30 hours that just might change their life.

Intel® Learn Easy Steps is run at Mornington, Rosebud and Hastings. For more details call our general enquiries line on 5986 4623, or have a look at our YouTube video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjdD1uOPcGc&t=14s



[i] 8146.0 – Household Use of Information Technology, Australia, 2016-17; www.abs.gov.au