This course is designed for persons receiving, preparing, handling and distributing food in the Hospitality sector.

In order to successfully undertake the course candidates need to possess English language and literacy competence that will enable them to provide clear information, ask questions, listen to and understand instructions and communicate effectively with others.


Who will benefit:

Any worker nominated and trained as a Food Handler will gain knowledge and skills to ensure the quality of food products in their work or volunteer environment.

The employer/organisation will benefit by making sure Food Handlers have the right food safety skills and knowledge not only for Legal requirements but for good business practice.


After completing the course participants will be expected to:

  •  Have a basic understanding of Legislative Compliance;
  •  Have a working knowledge of organisational personal hygiene policies and procedures;
  •  Know the ramifications of failure to observe hygiene policies and procedures;
  •  Possess a broad understanding of the general hazards in handling food, linen, garbage etc., including contamination and cross infection;
  •  Possess a basic understanding of the choice and application of cleaning and sanitising equipment.



Employment in roles such as, or progress to qualifications:

Food safety monitor



This course is delivered over 1 day (5 hours), from 9.30am – 2.30pm


*Pre reading is required for successful completion of this course.

Your workbook will be supplied upon confirmation of enrolment and receipt of your payment.

All enrolments must be confirmed and paid one week before the course date.

The student tuition fees are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

Individuals with a disability are encouraged to apply.


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